What’s Going On With Gun Ammo

How to Choose the Right Ammunition for Your FirearmAsk Foghorn: What’s Up With the Ammo Shortage? | The … – Mar 05, 2013 · John writes: How about some Information on why there is NO ammunition available? Is it a Govt. conspiracy? Just a “Normal” shortage? How ……

Whats some opinions here on PMC 5.56 Nato 62 Grs. Green … – I was told this stuff is better than American Eagle XM855. I have never been a fan of PMC ammo, However I was told by more than one at the range that this stuff is great….

See whats going on… – Pawn Shop, Jeweler, Gun Dealer in … – Servicing the Jewelery, Gun and Pawn Needs of Dawsonville & North Georgia for 20 Years. We offer a variety services related to the gun, jewelry and pawn shop industries….

I have a Model 700 ADL and was trying to decide what factory ammo to buy before I go to the range….any suggestions. I hunt elk and whitetail at max 400 yards….

With new gun control measures under Obama, many shooters are worried that restrictions on ammunition and reloading supplies may come into play….

Tom Cat, as usual thanks for your very educated reply, it was an education. The main thing is that if i’m not going over 190 grain rounds they are pretty much equal ……

The new made Romanian FMJ 8mm ammunition sold by Sportsman Guide IS absolutely terrible ammunition. Today at the range, we tried it in 5 different Mauser ……

CDC gun research is a blow to Obama’s unconstitutional agenda. It largely supports the Second Amendment, and contradicts common anti-gun arguments….

i think your point that people are buying up the 22lr ammo is wrong and here is why.. i visited a walmart store where i live and ask about the 22lr ammo….

The issues behind lack of .22 Long Rifle ammunition on the shelves of your local retailer are complex and not easily explainable. Demand currently exceeds supply….