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Proper Gun Babble | Ballistics 101 – Ever wonder about the correct pronunciation of Walther, Fiocchi, Heckler & Koch? Find out here in our list of mispronounced names and gun terms….

How to sight your gun or rifle | Ballistics 101 – how to sight your gun or rifle . Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to use an improperly sighted firearm. Some people assume their firearm is sighted from ……

Guns & Ammo Magazine – The World’s Most Widely Read … – Designed mainly for competitive shooters, the Daniel Defense DDM4V11 Pro Series Carbine is the newest rifle contender in the sport of 3-gun….

Guns For Sale & Gun Auctions. is an informative, detailed, secure and safe way to find guns for sale, hunting / shooting accessories, and much more…. – Unbiased Gun Deals … This is either your first visit to this site or you have cookies disabled….

Need definition & description of safety, dummy & wad cutter ammo. Have number of different handguns & rifles (.45, .357, .38, .22 etc.). I need to get to the range ……